Alex Buckland

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Coming from the West Pennine Moors area of the North West, Alex had a born given advantage in cold, wet and inhospitable environments. From a young age he has enjoyed outdoor activities in weather where even most outdoorsy people choose to stay inside by the fire. From a winter paper round to the arctic circle, Alex has demonstrated energy and capability when big nature is trying to remind everyone who’s boss.

A flare for endurance came in 2012 when on hearing a friend had been diagnosed with blood cancer, he chose to take his single speed (no gears) mountain bike on the road (!) from John O’Groats to Lands End on a journey of 960 miles in 13 days.

Shortly after returning and wanting to keep the fitness through the winter months but not wanting to spend time maintaining a bike with a new baby, Alex found running as a time efficient answer. Training with his Dad, who was an accomplished ultra runner, within a year he had progressed to running ultra marathons. Again favoring the dark or bad weather ones, obviously.

Alex I considered one of those hardy outdoor folk. I noticed on the recce he didn’t wear gloves and didn’t have over-trousers on in the cold and rain – Ryan Wood

Having a taste of blizzard conditions during the 2016 Montane Spine Race with Jonathan, the next logical step for Alex was to seek out more extreme cold and dramatic weather, with a good dash of endurance. The opportunity of visiting the arctic circle in Northern Sweden with friend Jonathan and mentor Phil appeared in 2018 and on this trip the seed was planted for an even bigger trip. A trip on the worlds largest volume of frozen freshwater – Lake Baikal.